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Family Photoshoot – Weeber Family

Lifestyle Family Photoshoot – Kyalami

We met up with the Weeber family at a beautiful park in Kyalami, to do their annual Family Photoshoot.  It was a beautiful warm afternoon and we spent the afternoon exploring the park.

Family Photoshoot - Cover - Weeber

Mari realized how quickly time flies as her little princess is growing up way to fast and wanted to document the three of them as they interact with each other.

Mari, the love your family have for each other is just so spontaneous and wonderful to see.  It was truly a lovely afternoon.


Daddy’s little girl.

Family photoshoot - A mother and daughter sitting on a blanket next to a lake.  Daughter whispering something in her mothers ear.

This was such a special moment the shared, nothing like whispering a secret into Mommy’s ear.

Family photoshoot - Mom, dad and daughter sitting on a blanket in a beautiful park. Photo taken late afternoon.Family photoshoot - Black and white image.  Father, mother and daughter walking on a path through a park.

“When the roots are deep,

there is no reason to fear the wind”

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