Newborn Photoshoot – Reuben Pretorius

Newborn Photoshoot – Reuben Pretorius

Last weekend I was welcomed into the Pretorius family’s home to meet little Reuben and do his newborn photoshoot.  As soon as I walked into their home I could feel the love this baby brought to his family.  Reuben is only a few days old but the connection between the 3 of them was magical.

Newborn photoshoot - Baby boy with his parents

Reuben has been quite an active little boy, showing his parents the ropes of parenthood.  He was very inquisitive as the session started and soon realised that he will be much happier having a nice long nap as we carry on.

This precious newborn boy has been born into a family full of love and support!!

May you always live in a home filled with joy, love and laughter!!


Newborn photoshoot - A beautiful neat baby boy nursery with the little prince theme.Newborn photoshoot - Baby boy Reuben waking up from his napNewborn photoshoot - Baby boy Reuben having a nap in his crib.Newborn photoshoot - New parents watching over their little baby in his cotNewborn photoshoot - Baby boy peacefully sleeping on a white blanket

A baby is a blessing

A gift from Heaven above, 

A precious little angel

To cherish & to Love

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