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Family Photoshoot – Silk Family

Family Photoshoot – Silk Family

Last week Sunday I met the Silk family in Delta Park for a family photoshoot, I was really taken aback with their two daughters.  Ashleigh contacted me to do the shoot as she was moving overseas in a couple of weeks and wanted to make beautiful memories before she leaves for a year.

This was a gift from the girls to their parents to say thank you for all their love and support.  The whole idea was to make beautiful memories for everyone to look back to when they miss each other.

When we started the shoot and bang the energy was electric!! Everyone had a great time and its evident in your photos that you are a tight nit family!

Good luck with the travels Ashleigh, may you have an amazing journey!!


Family photoshoot - Family of four standing in a beutiful park, autumn coloursFamily photoshoot - Young lady standing against a tree with lots of detail of the bark in park.Family photoshoot - Young lady standing against a tree in the long grass of a veld.Family photoshoot - Family of four sitting on blanket in green park.Family photoshoot - Two sisters in a park, blowing a  dandelion, seeds flying around.Family photoshoot - Sisters standing with their backs to camera, holding hands.

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